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We are products lawyers.

We counsel major manufacturers, importers, and distributors on their product recall and regulatory reporting obligations. We help them manage their relationships with Canadian regulators and their partners in the distribution stream.

We work with our manufacturer and distributor clients to help them assess and comply with their incident reporting obligations under, among other regimes, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Our longstanding and positive relationship with regulators helps us to stay current with regulatory and policy changes.

We work in conjunction with counsel from the U.S. and overseas to coordinate international product recalls and other corrective actions.

Our firm has significant expertise defending complex product liability claims involving multi-jurisdictional product liability class actions.

We also advise our clients on the negotiation and preparation of agreements relating to the sale and distribution of their products, including vendor agreements, supplier agreements, and distribution agreements.

We are privileged to include amongst our list of products clients some of the world’s largest manufacturers of major appliances, electronics, safety equipment, and consumer goods.