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We regularly provide advice on and litigate commercial disputes involving the breakdown of business relationships, shareholder disputes, contractual disputes, and disputes arising out of real estate transactions. We are strategic and creative in our approach to these disputes, recognizing that the best outcomes are not always those imposed by the Court after protracted and expensive litigation. On the other hand, we are comfortable and experienced in the court room, and well-equipped to aggressively advance your interests in that forum if the case warrants it.

We created this firm, in part, to be free of the conflicts of interest that preclude many of our peers at larger shops from taking on claims in which one of Canada’s major financial institutions is adverse. We have made a conscious decision not to act for any of Canada’s “Big Five” banks. If you have a dispute with a major Canadian bank and are in need of competent and experienced litigation counsel to vigorously advance your interests, we are your resource.